Welcome to APA Nursery School
    Two Year Old Program
  • Our 2 year old program focuses on skills to help kids prepare for preschool
  • Children in this program learn through play, music, movement, creative crafts, making simple choices, sharing, and playing with others
  • Mrs. Nancy Orr is the teacher for the program and is also the teacher's aide for our 3 and 4 year old programs
  • Jennifer Meyers is the aide for the 2's program
  2s class
Three Year Old Program
  • The main goal in the 3s is to encourage socialization through cooperative play & learning activities.
  • Days are jam-packed with crafts, stories, songs, free play, gym-type activities, learning activities, and yes, even a snack!
  • Circle time sets the tone for the day by taking attendance (learning and remembering each other's names), dressing the weather bear, show & tell, discussing the daily theme ie: animals, seasons, safety issues, colors, intro to numbersand the alphabet to name a few
  • Heather Wood is the teacher for both the 3's and 4's programs.
  3s class
    Four Year Old Program
  • APA PictureThe main goal in the four year old program is to prepare students academically for kindergarten.
  • Students learn to follow sequential directions applied during activity/craft centers. Fine motor skills are also performed through tracing, pasting, and cutting, to name a few. The centers are based on themes such as letter-of-the-day or number-of-the-day, seasons, holidays, etc.
  • Math skills are addressed during calendar/circle time, which focuses on sequential order (days of the week, months, and year.)
  • Language/writing skills are enhanced during computer time, story time, and journal time.
  • Free play and snack are still part of a busy day at the 4-year-old level

2017-2018 Tuition
2 year old program tuition is $50/month** 
3 year old program tuition is $100/month** 

4 year old program tuition is $120/month** 

The above rate reflect families participating in fundraising.

**Tuition rates are subject to change on a year to year basis based on current budget and enrollment.
Call Melissa Oliver at 716-353-0595 for more information.


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